Monique Munoz
Monique's Portfolio
...a girl with big dreams ★

Monique's Portfolio

...a girl with big dreams ★


About Me

My art is a way for me to express inner emotions that I simply cannot communicate verbally. I always use personal experiences and my feelings associated to that moment as inspiration for most of my art. Since colour choices are nearly infinite on computers, my favourite medium is digital. Iím very fond of bright colours since I feel it reflects my optimistic personality. I enjoy making people smile or feeling any kind of emotions through my art.
My goals as an artist would be to travel to many different countries and expose my pieces to the world.
I hope that I will be able to further my knowledge in art and incorporate it in my future drawings.


2008-Current: Humber College Visual and Digital Arts Program

Software knowledge: Photoshop, Sai Painter, Illustrator, OpenCanvas.

Traditional tools: Markers, Inks, Watercolours, Acrylics, Charcoal, Pencils

Interest: Concept designs, Character designs, storyboarding, sewing costumes


Published Works:
2009: Cosmode Japan
2008: NewType USA
Group Exhibitions
Humber College Art Show: Studio 2010
Amp: Amsterdam Brewery 2012

Commissions and Misc:
2012: Taught Art Class
2010: Sold original pieces and commissions
2009: Installing a booth and selling my works at conventions
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